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Manual cars are usually cheaper to hire, especially in Europe.

Avoid the rip-offs: How to get the cheapest rate for a car rental

Now that travel has returned there are car shortages – and higher prices for hiring them. There are, however, ways to mitigate the pain.

  • by Brian Johnston
A single trip may not change you completely, but each time you travel had an impact on who you are.

Does travelling turn you into a worse person?

An American philosopher claims travel turns us into the worst version of ourselves. I disagree.

  • by Ben Groundwater
Changi’s rainforested Jewel terminal in Singapore.

Airport transits are the dullest of experiences. This is the key to surviving them

We don’t really take in airports, but if you get into sightseeing mode and pretend your holiday has already begun, time will pass more quickly.

  • by Brian Johnston
Retro umbrellas by the rooftop pool.
Hotel reviews

Travel hot list, August 2023: Revamp for Melbourne heritage hotel

A backpackers is reborn in Sydney, an unassuming ’70s building is revamped in Melbourne and a new Spanish gallery finally opens, close to 100 years after its conception.

Staying in a holiday apartment has some distinct advantages over staying in a hotel.

Bigger (often cheaper) than a hotel: how to find an apartment overseas

A spacious suite in a hotel with a terrace and a view over central Paris is going to cost at least $1500 per night. An apartment can be less than half that.

  • by Michael Gebicki
A panoramic drone view of Vancouver downtown. credit: istock
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Fewer crowds, lower prices: The best places for a holiday in September

Peak season in the Northern Hemisphere comes to an end in September. Here are the countries and cities to visit during the ultimate shoulder-season month.

  • by Brian Johnston
The FAA has warned passengers not to fly with a device charged to 100 per cent despite many aircraft featuring charging ports.

Passengers warned not to fly with fully charged devices over fire risk

America’s aviation regulator has warned passengers not to fly with a device charged to 100 per cent despite many cabins featuring charging ports.

  • by Katherine Scott
Rooms where the bathroom is open to the rest of the room are fortunately falling out of favour.

Is your hotel room up to scratch? Nine things to check out on check in

Many hotels have made clever tweaks in the name of sustainability and guest comfort. How does your hotel match up?

  • by Ute Junker
TV remotes used to harbour the most germs in rooms, but now it’s coffee pots, according to a hotel inspector.

The germiest spots in your hotel room, according to an inspector

Don’t use the hotel’s coffee pot, advises this inspector with more than 30 years of assessing hotel rooms in the US.

  • by Andrea Sachs
Beijing’s Forbidden City. China is no longer forbidden to tourists since borders reopened in March.

Why Australians should return to this astounding country

China remains one of the world’s outstanding destinations for landscapes, history, culture and cuisine. Go see it for yourself.

  • by Brian Johnston