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Sharemarket listings and takeover deals are down 42 per cent year-on-year.

The $2.8 trillion question: America is hunting for cash, but there’s a bit of a problem

The US is going to put trillions worth of new debt up for sale before the end of the year as it tries to rebuild its cash reserves. There is an issue, however.

  • by Stephen Bartholomeusz


Nathan Cleary, Reece Walsh, Kalyn Ponga, Nicho Hynes and Jahrome Hughes.
NRL 2023

Expert breakdown of NRL round 23 matches

A couple of heavyweight derby clashes could have a huge bearing on who features in the finals action next month - and that’s before we talk about the Panthers-Storm blockbuster.

  • by Christian Nicolussi, Adam Pengilly, Dan Walsh and Nick Wright
A dejected Dylan Moore after the Hawks lost to Richmond.
AFL 2023

Full-time footy is a myth, and it shows on the scoreboard

The work-life balance has gone too far; clubs give their players too much time off. It is starting to show on the scoreboard, and in the games we watch weekly.

  • by Kane Cornes
Every day we live through thousands of micro moments, and our minds cannot retain each one.

My memory is less like a catalogue and more like a hoarder’s garage

There are some gems in there, some functional items you’d expect, and a ton of bizarre and totally random odds and ends.

  • by Kerri Sackville
Sam Walker has been out for the majority of the season for the Roosters.
NRL 2023

How to fix the Roosters? Stick with Sam and lay off Suaalii

There’s been plenty of reasons why the Roosters have been so disappointing this year - but they have to hand the keys to one of their young guns to turn it around in 2024.

  • by Andrew Johns
Premier Chris Minns.

Trains are the future for global cities. Let’s not go off the rails, Sydney

A commitment to modern rail networks is critical to building safer, low-carbon cities.

  • by Caroline Wilkie
The Australian Defence Force is suffering from a recruitment crisis, leading to calls for bold ideas to boost staff numbers.

To defend Australia, we must create a national citizens’ militia

If the Australian government is serious about the dire warning from the Defence Strategic Review, it should embrace a training program where civilians can defend our country should the need arise.

  • by Anthony Bergin
Column 8 granny dinkus
Column 8

Joining the cyberspace race

Where X marks the tweet.

Social media platforms like TikTok have become a popular news option for younger audiences.

TikTok isn’t the bogeyman of journalism, but it could help save it

Every decade or so we’re told journalism is facing a reckoning. While TikTok is the current bogeyman, a clip about the rise in Australia’s minimum wage reveals how different platforms can inspire conversations and showcase quality journalism.

  • by Abbir Dib
Russian dating site

Online scams are about to get more sophisticated than Nigerian princes

ChatGPT’s “evil cousin” WormGPT will allow bad actors to more accurately mimic the real deal in attempts to swindle and deceive people.

  • by Suranga Seneviratne

Minns acted swiftly, but premier’s first ministerial casualty has come all too quickly

Just four months in and Labor has suffered its first ministerial sacking over the smelly combination of property interests and improper disclosure.

  • by Michael Koziol
We all want to stick up for our kids, but they are not always right, Jenna Price writes.

Pendulum swings too far as teachers struggle in the classroom

Parents now have too much power over teachers and the classroom is suffering.

Peter Bol will miss the Australian Athletics Championships.
Peter Bol

Champion athlete Peter Bol hung out to dry by sports administrators

Confidence in Australia’s anti-doping processes have been shattered after the treatment of middle-distance runner Peter Bol.

  • The Herald's View
Mary Fowler was pivotal for the Matildas on Monday night.

In a week of seismic sport, the Matildas made the earth move the most

The Ashes, Buddy Franklin and Australia’s swimmers captured the headlines this week, but none could match the significance of a sublime Matildas performance.

  • by Peter FitzSimons
Illustration: John Shakespeare

Fasten your seatbelts, this wild ride will Trump anything we’ve seen

Next year will be like no other year we have witnessed in American politics. Trump is, of course, presumed innocent – but now let’s see what the evidence is against him.

  • by Bill Wyman

Closing the gap: Vodafone’s desperate deal to catch Telstra and Optus

No matter how you interpret the $6.3 billion deal with Vocus, TPG - which owns the number three player in the mobiles market, Vodafone - is shrinking.

  • by Elizabeth Knight
Donald Trump’s legal costs are mushrooming.
US politics

Trump’s charges strike at the very heart of American democracy

While hush money and classified documents are important, never before has a newly ousted US president engaged in a multipart plan to overturn an election.

  • by Farrah Tomazin
US President Joe Biden

The US just paid a heavy price for Washington’s poison

The historic credit rating downgrade shines a light on how America’s bitterly divided, dysfunctional politics is playing a key role in its deteriorating financial position.

  • by Stephen Bartholomeusz
England’s Ben Stokes celebrates after taking a catch to dismiss Australia’s Pat Cummins.
The Ashes

A salute to Bazball: It works, damn it

England didn’t wrestle the Ashes back from Australia’s grasp, but they did validate their post-modern game. Bazball can’t be dismissed as a gimmick, and some interesting years lie ahead.

  • by Greg Baum
The work of an AFL club doctor has become more complex and demanding over the years.
AFL 2023

Why would you be an AFL club doctor?

It’s a tough job being an AFL club doctor, and it’s getting more difficult. You’re on call 24 hours a day, and on match day must make quick decisions under fierce scrutiny.

  • by Peter Brukner
Buddy Franklin in full flight

Where does Buddy sit among the modern footy greats?

This week on the Real Footy podcast, Michael Gleeson and Jake Niall discuss the sudden retirement of Hawthorn and Sydney great Lance Franklin.

Coach of the Matildas Tony Gustavsson during the FIFA Women’s World Cup Group B match between Australia and Canada at Melbourne Rectangular Stadium on July 31, 2023. Photo by Eddie Jim.

After staring into the abyss, the Matildas can look ahead with confidence

One minute you’re copping it from all angles. The next, you’re dishing it out to the Olympic champions, reminding everyone why they were so excited about this World Cup in the first place.

  • by Vince Rugari
Determined home buyers can still find their way into the market with careful planning and the help of some new government schemes.
Home loans

New schemes helping first home buyers despite soaring prices

Determined home buyers can still find their way into the market with careful planning and the help of some new government schemes.

  • by Hannah Farrow
Soaring interest rates and inflation are contributing to a cost of living crisis leaving young Australians feeling under the weather.

Young Australians feeling more hopeless amid cost of living crunch

Soaring interest rates and inflation are contributing to a cost of living crisis leaving young Australians feeling under the weather.

  • by Georgia York
The Financial Advice Association of Australia’s Sarah Abood, says there are initiatives underway designed to bring costs down, to get more into the profession and to retain advisers

Financial advice fix will take time as adviser numbers continue to fall

Moves are afoot to give Australians access to financial advice that is more affordable.

  • by John Collett
The misconception many people have is that financial anxiety is purely a consequence of how much you have in your bank account.

I have a good job and savings, so why do I still worry about money?

The misconception many people have is that financial anxiety is purely a consequence of how much you have in your bank account.

  • by Paridhi Jain
downsizing, Baby Boomers moving house, property

Four steps to take before downsizing your home

The property we’re in can often feel like our “forever home”, so making the call to downsize can feel like a big decision

  • by Rachel Lane
When drawing up a will, it’s worth considering the impact it will have on your partner’s pension.

Does my retired mother need to file a tax return?

Once you retire and are receiving the pension, generally you no longer need to file a tax return.

  • by Noel Whittaker
Illustration: Andrew Dyson.

What a future: Climate chaos, a life of renting and a crappy job. I’m truly sorry

The older I get, the more I worry about the nightmare we oldies are leaving for our children and grandchildren. The obvious problem is climate change, but other difficulties are everywhere you look.

  • by Ross Gittins
Column 8 granny dinkus
Column 8

Bean there. Never done that

Miracle dish or messing with the formula?

Jonny Bairstow looks displeased after Alex Carey had thrown down his stumps at Lord’s.
The Ashes

All they’ll be remembered for: Why this was an Ashes series for our polarised times

Like so much else in 2023, the Ashes series polarised: from the Jonny Bairstow stumping, to the contrasting plans of the two teams going head-to-head.

  • by Daniel Brettig
The T3 line is crowded with casual workers, tradies, parents with small children and school students

Confessions of a T3 commuter: ‘Price of progress’ easy to say when you’re not paying

A year-long rail closure of the T3 line in south-west Sydney will come at huge personal cost to tens of thousands of people in one of the poorest parts of the city.

  • by Jordan Baker
Can Ross Lyon lead the Saints into the finals in 2023?
Snap Shot
AFL 2023

Is the ladder Lyon? Why St Kilda might take the fifth

St Kilda have their knockers, but they have been more stable than most teams in the eight this year. Meanwhile, Buddy’s No.38 is where the real magic lies...

  • by Peter Ryan
The Cherrybrook metro station, which opened in 2019 but is pictured under construction, is currently surrounded by low-density detached housing.
Sydney Metro

This is what the premier doesn’t want Sydney’s new metro rail line to look like

Chris Minns has given his strongest signal yet that under his leadership, Sydney’s metro system will be as much a housing policy as it is a transport policy.

  • by Michael Koziol
Ben Stokes and Pat Cummins.
The Ashes

If the Moral Ashes mattered: World Test championship, Ashes retention are no consolation for losing Moral Urn

Australia’s triumph in the World Test Championship final, and retention of the Ashes on English soil for only the second time since 2001, have failed to ease the anger on these shores at the failure of Cummins’ men to regain the Moral Urn.

  • by Andrew Wu
Mary Fowler, Steph Catley and Caitlin Foord of the Matildas celebrate during the team’s match against Canada on Monday night.

‘What a wasted opportunity’: Matildas score great win, but TV coverage is a loss

It is hard to understand why most games at the Women’s World Cup are on a subscription TV service. We must do better for women’s sport and its massive popularity.

Young asian women hikers climbing up on the peak of mountain near ocean. Woman hiking in the mountains standing on a rocky summit ridge with backpack. Roys peak track, South island, New Zealand. roy's peak nz

Has the interest rate summit been reached?

Reserve Bank governor Philip Lowe may have finally planted his flag at the top of Mount Interest Rate.

  • by Shane Wright
We all want to stick up for our kids, but they are not always right.

Why are teachers struggling? Because your children are awful

I’ll defend active parenting and standing up for your children when they can’t stand up for themselves - but there are limits. Here are mine.

  • by Jenna Price
Toplace development

Behaviour of major building industry players under scrutiny

Taxpayers don’t want to be left carrying the can if builders and developers aren’t regulated properly.

  • The Herald's View

Why the reinflating house price bubble might run out of puff

Most economists still believe house prices will rise this year, but they are far more equivocal about the clouded crystal ball.

  • by Elizabeth Knight
Peter Bol’s name was smeared, but he was eventually cleared of sports doping.

Why wrongly accused Peter Bol deserves an apology

Bol has been cleared, but his accusers have not. There are now a litany of questions federal sports minister Anika Wells must answer.

  • by Michael Gleeson
No one should be exempt from having to deal with the ATO, not even robts.

The robots that take our jobs need to pay taxes

If The Terminator is smart enough to time travel, it should be smart enough to submit a BAS statement.

  • by Simon Taylor
Coral reefs are under threat. Could probiotics help protect them?

Why UN scientists singled out the Great Barrier Reef for criticism

There are 30 coral reefs with World Heritage status, all with damage due to climate change. So why is Australia the only one in danger of losing its UN status?

  • by Mike Foley
The death tax on superannuation continues to generate much interest, but its intricacies – and ways to avoid it – are not often well understood.

How to avoid a ‘death tax’ on your superannuation

The death tax on superannuation continues to generate much interest, but its intricacies – and ways to avoid it – are often not well understood.

  • by Noel Whittaker
Flat feet? The horror.

Left-wing propaganda or anti-feminist? What Barbie is really trying to say

Yes, Barbie the movie has heard of feminism. (And thinks it sounds awesome!) But how patriarchy-toppling is it really?

  • by Diana Reid
The country’s Politburo, China’s President Xi Jinping, flagged more support for its economy on Tuesday.

China’s big solution is missing a vital ingredient

How Beijing manages the efforts to revive the faltering economy matters for commodity producers like Australia.

  • by Stephen Bartholomeusz

Legalising cocaine would give ganglords what they fear most: Centrelink

Our communities are vulnerable and our streets are unsafe because the war on drugs policy empowers drug gangs rather than stopping them.

  • by Cate Faehrmann
Pat Cummins poses with a replica Ashes urn after the final Test at the Oval.
The Ashes

Ashes series like no other will live long in the memory

Britain has been as engrossed in Test cricket’s most enduring rivalry as at any point since the days of one Donald George Bradman almost a century ago.

  • by Rob Harris
Peter Bol has finally been cleared of using EPO.

Peter Bol has finally been cleared of doping, but he deserves answers about his treatment

The Australian middle-distance runner was the victim of a botched investigation by anti-doping authorities.

  • by Andrew Webster
Professor Rachelle Buchbinder, seen here in March 2018 at the launch of her Lancet series.

We’re in a back pain epidemic – and most treatments don’t work

Back pain robs more Australians of their healthy enjoyment of life than anything else, yet we seem to be doing it to ourselves.

  • by Liam Mannix