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Fasten your seatbelts, this wild ride will Trump anything we’ve seen

Next year will be like no other year we have witnessed in American politics. Trump is, of course, presumed innocent – but now let’s see what the evidence is against him.

Bill Wyman
Bill Wyman


Trump’s charges strike at the very heart of American democracy

While hush money and classified documents are important, never before has a newly ousted US president engaged in a multipart plan to overturn an election.

Farrah Tomazin
Farrah Tomazin

North America correspondent

An economic miracle is shifting the global balance of power

India’s physical infrastructure boom is impressive enough, but its digital infrastructure expansion has been stunning in empowering its marginalised millions.

Peter Hartcher
Peter Hartcher

Political and international editor


North America

Trump co-conspirators.

Who are the Trump co-conspirators in the 2020 election charges?

None have been named and they are yet to be charged, but the descriptions make it easy to identify most of them.

  • by Farrah Tomazin
FILE - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, arrive for a dinner at the Getty Villa during the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles, June 9, 2022. The Canadian prime minister and his wife announced Wednesday, Aug. 2, 2023, that they are separating after 18 years of marriage. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong, File)

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and wife Sophie to separate

The two said in statements posted on Instagram that they had made the decision after “many meaningful and difficult conversations”.




Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong admits he should have acted sooner against two MPs who refused to end their affair.

Singapore in a mess as PM admits politics not as clean as country’s image

The city-state places as much stock in the cleanliness of its politics as it does in spotless streets. Recent events have threatened to sully that reputation.

  • by Chris Barrett
A photograph of one of the 13 Australian cattle which tested positive to lumpy skin disease.

‘It did not happen in Indonesia’: Jakarta at odds with Australia over cattle disease

Indonesian officials say Australian cattle with lumpy-skin disease showed symptoms before being unloaded from ships, heightening their suspicion over its origin.

  • by Chris Barrett and Karuni Rompies

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Pro-coup protesters in Niamey.

What the Niger coup could mean for Russia’s war in Ukraine

The military power grab is stoking fears Russia and the Wagner mercenary group could use the coup to their advantage.

  • by Lucy Cormack and Chris Zappone

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